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What is Nouites Investments About?

With the enormous population of Nigeria, come equally enormous business opportunities. As much as it may seem like there is already overwhelming number of businesses in the country, we may just be scratching the surface of potential opportunities. To this extent, it may not be a smart idea to leave money in the bank lying fallow, when there are opportunities which can get the money to work, yielding more money.

Quite a lot of people have money in the bank which they wish they can commit to business. But of course, the business space has its own unique dynamics which require requisite skills and diligence to survive and be profitable. Here is where Nouites Investments come in.

At Nouites Investments, we have a highly committed and experienced team of business thinkers who constantly deploy their creativity to investment, both exploiting existing opportunities and breaking new grounds. Most importantly, this company accepts money from persons, who wish to have their money work for them, invests such money and pays juicy interests to the investors.

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How does Nouites Investments make money?

Nouites is involved in a number of businesses in which it deploys investors’ funds, and through which it pays interests. They are:


Real Estate

E-Learning Services

The Nouites team has deep experience in the Logistics business, as it currently has it ongoing. This business involves bike delivery service, truck services at the Lagos port and an impending partnership with the Lagos Waste Management Agency (LAWMA).
The business of properties remains a very lucrative one in Nigeria. We have a team of real estate specialists who know the industry like the palm of their hands. Knowing what property to buy and where to buy is a niche that gives an edge in the industry. While we shall go into acquisition of lands in lucrative areas of Lagos and build on them for outright sale, we shall also be involved in purchasing certain properties which are up for sale at very cheap prices and selling them at higher prices to make profits. Our team of experts knows how to sniff such properties, and acting fast and negotiating smartly are then the variables which determine profitability. The Nouites Real Estate investment plans will be made known soon.
Nouites owns a platform called NLearn (www.nlearn.net) which is an e-learning platform. Here, learning contents for SS1, SS2, SS3 (WAEC and NECO), JAMB, undergraduate and postgraduate students, are built and uploaded. We currently service vast number of students in Lagos secondary schools as well as students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). At last count, we had over 1,800 subscribers (and the number is rising rapidly).

It is important to state that in the new world order of today where safety from the infectious corona virus is paramount, E-learning has become a trend. Hence, it is a very viable business.
As entrepreneurs, we keep open minds with regards to business. We stay close to a number of industries to spot opportunities. And as the opportunities arise, we take action and delve in. Judicious use of the monies of our investors and helping them earn profit is our priority.

Suffice it to say that the bike delivery investment plan is currently in full swing and is structured in the following bouquets:

 Aspire Bouquet
Premium BouquetDeluxe Bouquet
Investment AmountN150,000N500,000N1,000,000
ROI Waiting Period30 days30 days30 days
Weekly ReturnsN6,000N19,000N38,000
Monthly ReturnsN24,000N76,000N152,000
Total ReturnsN288,000N912,000N1,824,000

Funds committed into any of the above plans will be used to purchase bikes and accessories which will then be deployed to our logistics services. The Aspire bouquet is a shared package where an individual does not have the money to acquire a bike alone. Hence, the monies of several individuals will be merged to acquire a bike, and the profits shared amongst them. The Premium bouquet will acquire a bike and its accessories and the investor will receive profit for 48 weeks. The Deluxe bouquet covers two bikes and their accessories, and equally, the investor will receive profits for 48 weeks.

Do not worry about the past. Build the future. The choices you  make now will determine the brightness of your future. Be Smart!

Obalende, Lagos.
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