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We have a highly committed and experienced team of business thinkers who constantly deploy their creativity to investment, both exploiting existing opportunities and breaking new grounds. Most importantly, this company accepts money from persons, who wish to have their money work for them, invests such money and pays juicy interests to the investors. These are the businesses of Nouites Investments; Logistics, E-Learning, Real Estate and lots more.
You will receive your profits directly into the account details which you gave to us at the point of registering. We pay every week for 48 weeks. The amount you receive depends on the bouquet you are signed on.
The waiting period is to allow us time to sort out the logistics around your investment. But be assured that when your payment commences, it stays consistent every week until the payment duration is over.
Yes, you are entitled to 5 percent one-off commission on investments of people you refer, if you are registered as an affiliate with us.
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+234 7033 827 645