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This flowchart symbol is for

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In Operating systems the primary interface between the user and the rest of the system is its
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Expansion Slots on motherboards are for
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Computer program that accepts a source program in one high-level language, reads and translates the entire user’s program into an equivalent program in machine language is referred to
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A program is normally tested by executing with

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The chips have data written on them during manufacturing that tells the CPU what to do when the PC is switched on is referred to as
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In most software packages, the function key F1 is used to run the _____program.
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An abstraction of a program to be executed on a physical machine is an

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This short cut key combination deletes a line in most text documents.
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The acronym MIS stands for

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________is a program design aid that serves the function of a flowchart in expressing the detailed logic of a program.

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An unambiguous way of showing the actions to be taken when a given set of conditions occur is by using a

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_______ consists of expensive and very fast memory chips that store the data or instructions that the CPU will look at next.
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A series of coded instructions showing the logical steps the computer follows to solve a given problem is called a
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Assembly language has a one-to-one relationship with machine language, but uses symbols and __________for particular items.

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________is a graphical representation of the major steps of work in process.

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This flowchart symbol is for

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________are peripheral devices used to digitize artwork, photographs, text, or other items from hard copy.
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Computers and Information Technology is now applied in every field EXCEPT

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Modern Computer Operating Systems may be classified into any the following EXCEPT
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