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Please note that the clauses below contain the terms and conditions embodying the agreement between you and Nouites Enterprise (Hereinafter referred to as Nouites) regarding your registration as client on the Nouites web platform. Be informed therefore that by filling and submitting the online form and clicking “submit” on the Nouites website, you have agreed to all the terms contained herein and agree to be legally bound by all the terms and conditions as contained on the use of our website, products and services.

We therefore advise that you read these Terms and conditions carefully. Furthermore, note that by using or accessing our services, you represent that you have read and you fully understand and agree unequivocally to these Terms. Should you be disinclined against any of the terms contained herein, or if you do not wish to accept fully and unconditionally, all the terms contained here, or if you object to any of the terms herein, then kindly be advised to withdraw at any time before submitting to and committing to the use of our service.

This Agreement is made between Nouites Enterprise, a company registered under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and having its registered address at 29 Mccarthy street, Obalende, Lagos (hereinafter referred to as “Nouites”) and the Client, an online user who submitted a registration form at (hereinafter referred to as “Client”).

1. Nouites Investment Limited as a company registered in Nigeria to carry on the business of general investment, as established the investment platform known as Nouites, an online investment platform involved in open source blockchain investment service and is open to render its blockchain investment service to registered members on web platform.
2. The Client is an intending user on the Nouites website platform seeking to register on and subscribe to the products and services rendered by Nouites.
3. The Client has therefore agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions creating the conditions under which the Client may access and use the Nouites online platform for his/her/its investment needs.
By entering into the Agreement the Client warrants to Nouites that he/she is a person of a legal age and capacity. In case the Client is a non-natural juristic person entity, it guarantees the entity is capable and no other parties are eligible to perform any actions, claims, demands, requests, etc in respect to the Client’s trading account.
3. By registering and submitting to the use of our service, you agree and authorize Nouites to effect debits and credits from and to your accounts which are connected to the Nouites website for the purpose of transactions related to our service herein via an automated network protocol.
4. You agree that, as far as the law permits, you agree to the use of electronic signatures electronic forms of communication with regard to all services provided by Nouites under these terms and Condition and that you have read and fully understand and agree to use electronic signatures and to receive Communications electronically and that my device or hardware satisfies the minimum hardware and software requirements for accessing and using the Nouites website.

5. Please note that all communications received from us (Nouites) should be printed, saved (electronically or otherwise) by your for reference purpose, as Nouites would not be responsible to you for any claims which cannot be substantiated by reference to our records and documents, whether electronically or otherwise.

6. All client contact must be kept current and updated by the Client on the Nouites website. This is necessary to ensure that Nouites is able to provide Communications to you electronically. Any changes to client’s information must therefore be updated by the Client on the client’s profile on the website.
7. Device Requirements
7.1 The required tools, devices or systems required for access to the Nouites service include:
- a valid email address;
- a computer device (desktop, laptop, or other mobile device compatible with internet connectivity) with operating systems such as Windows or a Mac; Android, IOS
- a connection to the Internet via connectivity devices
- a compatible version of an internet browser (as specified by Nouites
- a pdf reader;
- a computer or device and an operating system capable of supporting all of the above;

8. Please note that Nouites, however reserves the right to communicate with you in other forms other than electronic form. Nouites also reserves the right, to discontinue electronic communications or to terminate or change the terms and conditions on which we provide electronic Communications. Except as otherwise required by applicable law, we will notify you of any such termination or change by updating these Terms on the Website or delivering notice of such termination or change electronically.

9.1 Nouites may only render its service and be legally bound by its commitment to you or any of its clients only upon your compliance and fulfillment with any of the following requirements. That is to be eligible to use the Nouites website to access any of products or service offered by Nouites, you must:

i. accept and agree to these terms and condition;
ii. register and create an account on the Nouites website,
iii. be a legal person with capacity having attained the age of majority being 18 years and above and of a sound legal mind.
iv. Be domiciled in Nigeria
v. have a Bank Account with a Nigerian financial institution recognized as possessing an operational licence to carrying on business in Nigeria
vi. provide all requisite user information requested by Nouites, including among others, full name, valid email address, registered phone number, Bank BVN, online credentials for your Bank Account, and such other information as we may require from time to time.
vii. An attestation uploaded on our website that warranting that all User Information provided from time to time is truthful, accurate, current, and complete,
viii. A copy of your government-issued photo ID, such national ID card, international passport or driver’s license. These documents are required for security reasons. Nouites may therefore at any time request the Client to provide these documents or a an affidavit or notarized documents in their place. Where these are requested by Nouites, the Client shall provide these within 30 days, failing which the Client’s account will be blocked until compliance.
ix. A copy of a utility bill, bank statement, affidavit, or other bill, dated within three months of our request, with your name and Nigerian street address on it; and
x. Other information or documentation that may be requested by Nouites from time to time.

9.2 Client agrees not to misrepresent the details of your identity or user information and you shall undertake to promptly notify Nouites of changes to your User Information by updating your Nouites profile account on the Website;
The client shall notify Nouites not later than 5 days prior to making any changes to Client’s bank account information.

11. The Client agrees and hereby authorizes that in order to accomplish the KYC – You’re your Clients measures Nouites to, directly or through its agents or other third-parties, obtain, verify, and record information and documentation for the purpose of verifying Client’s identity and bank account information.

12. You agree that for all intent and purpose, Nouites and or its agents shall be deemed to act as your agent for the purpose of collecting your user information from third party service providers.

13. The Client agrees that every deposit made to the Client’s account with Nouites shall be considered to be a private transaction between the Client and Nouites.
14. The Client shall process all its financial transactions on the Nouites website solely at the Client’s discretion and their own risk. The size and term of the deposit is determined personally by the Client and Nouites shall not be liable for any loss arising from the risk arising from the Client’s undertaking under the financial transactions.
15. The Client acknowledges that the investments undertaken or entered for by the Client on the any of Nouites‘s investment portfolios are high risk investment with the potential for high profits and high losses. The Client therefore absolves Nouites of any business or investment loss occasioned from undertaking any of the investment products or services of Nouites. Nouites shall therefore not be liable to the Client for usual losses occasioned by the failure of the investments portfolio in which they’ve invested in. Note that when a new account is opened by the Client, the old account will be closed.
16. The Company shall not be liable to the Client if for any reason the Client has received less profit than had hoped for or has incurred a loss as a result of uncompleted action which the Client had intended to complete. This said, the Company will under no circumstances compensate any ”lost profit”.
17. The Company shall not be liable to the Client in respect of any indirect, consequential or non-financial damage (emotional distress, etc).

18. Privacy

The Client understand and agrees that that by using the Services, he/she/they/it has consented to the collection, use, storage, and disclosure of his/her/their/its information as set forth in these Terms and condition and shall therefore not hold Nouites in breach of privacy thereof.

19. Deposit and withdrawal
19.1 The Client may deposit funds into the Nouites account at any time. All payments into the account shall be made in accordance with the Payment Instructions set forth at the Company’s Website. Under no circumstances will third party or anonymous payments be accepted.
19.2 In case the nature of deposit means does not allow instant payment processing (bank wire, etc), the Client is to create a Deposit Request in the Personal Area. Failure to do so will lead to delays in account deposit.
19.3 It is the Client’s sole responsibility to create Deposit Requests in his/her Personal Area and to fill them in a correct and proper way. Failure to do so will lead to delays in account deposit.

20. Procedure for Withdrawal of investment
The Client may withdraw funds from the Nouites account at any time in accordance with the procedures as described in this terms and Conditions. At such a time, the client can only get 60% of money invested (which will include already received profits).

21. Payment of Commissions, charges and other costs
22. The Client undertakes to pay all possible stamp expenses relating to this Agreement and any documentation which may be required.
23. The Client shall be solely responsible for all filings, tax returns and reports on any Transactions which should be made to any relevant authority, whether governmental or otherwise, and for payment of all taxes (including but not limited to any transfer or value added taxes), arising out of or in connection with any Transaction.
24. Nouites is not liable to disclose any reports regarding profits, commissions and other fees received by Nouites from Client’s investment, unless stated otherwise by these Terms and Conditions.
25. Dispute Resolution
Any dispute arising from the Terms and conditions and from the transacting on Nouites’s website shall first be resolved by an amicable mediatory process in accordance with the common market practice and at the sole discretion of Nouites.
The Client agrees to keep secret and not to disclose any Access Data of Nouites to any third party.

The Client agrees to notify Nouites immediately if he knows or suspects that his Access Data have or may have been disclosed to any unauthorized person.
27.2 The Client agrees to co-operate with any investigation Nouites may conduct into any misuse or suspected misuse of his Access Data.
27.3 The Client accepts that he will be liable for all Orders given through and being logged in under his Access Data and any such Orders received by Nouites shall be considered as received from the Client.
27.4 The Client acknowledges that Nouites bears no responsibility for any unauthorized third persons obtaining access to information, including logins, passwords, electronic currency accounts access, emails, electronic addresses, electronic communication and personal data, when the above are transmitted, using the internet or other network communication facilities, post, telephone, during oral or written conversation or any other means.
The client unconditionally guarantees that the source of the funds used for investing on Nouites website is legal and the funds were not received as a result of any illegal activity, fraud, money laundering or other illegal sources. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to account termination and a report to the legal authorities in all cases without exceptions. IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES the company or its partners and/or subsidiaries will bear any responsibility for any claims or complaints if such case arises.
Nouites has the right to suspend the Client’s Account at any time for any good reason with or without Written Notice to the Client.
29.2 If the Balance of the Client’s Account equals zero, or the account is inactive for a reasonable period of time as may be ascertained by Nouites, Nouites has the right to delete such Account with or without Written Notice to the Client.
29.3 In the event that a situation arises that is not covered by the Agreement, Nouites will resolve the matter on the basis of good faith and fairness and, where appropriate, by taking such action as is consistent with market practice.
In case any term of the Agreement (or any part of it) shall be held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable for any reason then such term shall, to that extent, be deemed severable and not form part of this Agreement. However, the enforceability of the remainder of the Agreement shall not be affected.
31. Non-Assignment
The Client may not assign, charge or otherwise transfer or purport to assign, charge or otherwise transfer the Client’s rights or obligations under the Agreement without prior written consent of the Company and any purported assignment, charge or transfer in violation of this term shall be voided.
32. Where the Client comprises two or more persons, the liabilities and obligations under any agreement with Nouites shall be joint and several. Any warning or other notice given to one of the persons which form the Client shall be deemed to have been given to all the persons who form the Client. Any Order given by one of the persons who form the Client shall be deemed to have been given by all the persons who form the Client.
The Client accepts and understands that Nouites’s official language is English and the Client should always read and refer to the English Version of the Nouites’s Website for all information and disclosures about Nouites and its products and services as well as its activities.
This Terms and Condition Agreement, together with such policy documents and further agreements as may be issued by Nouites from time to time with regard to the use of the Nouites Website defines the relationship between the Client and the Company.

35.1 Nouites may add to or terminate any of the Services or amend these Terms at any time, in our sole discretion, without providing notice to the Client, subject to applicable laws.
35.2 Nouites reserves the right, subject to applicable laws, to deliver to the Client any notice of changes to existing terms or the addition of new terms and conditions by posting an updated version of these Terms on the Website or delivering notice thereof to the Client electronically.
35.3 The Client is at liberty to elect whether or not to accept any amended or revised version of these Terms and conditions. The Client shall note however, that whenever there is an amendment or review of these terms and conditions, the Client shall not be entitled to access or using the Services, unless acceptance of the revised terms and conditions is confirmed. If you do not agree to these Terms or any revised version of these Terms, your sole recourse is to terminate your access or use of the Services. Except as otherwise expressly stated by us, your access and use of the Services are subject to, and constitute your acceptance of, the version of these Terms in effect at the time of your access or use.

The client may agree to and accept these terms and conditions by clicking on the “submit” or “accept” icon on the website.

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